The Boyhood of Martin Luther

by Canon Sheehan

This is an unfinished story by Canon Sheehan that, as far as I know, has never been published as part of Sheehan’s work. It is a charming ‘factional’ account of Martin Luther’s childhood and obviously intended for children. We don’t know the context in which it was written or what plans Sheehan had for it but it is clearly a first draft of part of a larger work. 

Its theme is typical of Sheehan’s broad humanitarianism and in keeping with his efforts through The AII-for-Ireland-League to build a religiously inclusive nationality. It is not fanciful to assume that he may have meant this work of his to be a children’s introduction to Martin Luther and it is quite extraordinary that it has taken so long for it to see the light of day. 

It is from a manuscript in what is now the Cork City and County Archives.