A Millstreet Miscellany (8)

Millstreet childhood memories

This article is based on the first chapter of “My Dream from Ireland to America” which is an autobiography of Dr. Sheila O’Sullivan Becker. Sheila comes from Claraghatlea and this is a memoir of her childhood days before she went to England and later America where, among many other things, she became a clinical psychologist and lives there today as a very active octogenarian. We thank her for persmission to republish this memoir.

‘The Bard’ of Millstreet

This is a review of the latest publication by the Aubane Historical Society “The Bard -North Cork’s Leader in the Land War 1881-1891” by Barry Keane © 2012.

Between the ditches, running on forgotten roads in Ireland

This is a firsthand account of running the Butter Road by Bertie Harte who did the deed in two stages during September and October this year. Bertie hopes that his achievement will encourage other runners to take up the challenger of running this unique route.

Why Cork Irish?

This is a reprint of an anonymous item that was published on a website dealing with Cork Irish. It has a lively discussion on issues raised and can be found at: http://www.corkirish.com/wordpress/

The 1921 Millstreet Train Ambush

This article is reprinted from the “Journal of the Irish Railway Record Society” June 2011 by Oliver Doyle. Oliver is a former Operations Schemes Development Manage for Irish Rail. We are grateful to him and the editor of the Journal for their permission to republish this very well researched item.

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