Origin and Development of the Parish of Millstreet

In this booklet, Fr Sean Tucker traces the history of Millstreet Parish across nearly a thousand years. It is the first such record of the Parish. It is based on detailed analyses of church records using many primary sources and is the result of a long-term interest in the area by Fr. Tucker – truly a labour of love.

Each phase of the Parish’s history is also put in the context of its time both nationally a n d internationally and Fr. Tucker shows a great appreciation of all the forces that shaped our history and helped make us what we are.

Fr. Sean Tucker grew up in Ballydaly, was educated at Rathduane National School a n d at the De la Salle College in Waterford. He completed his priestly training at Oscott College, Birmingham, did further studies in Social Work at Aston and Selly Oak Colleges. He worked in the Archdiocese of Birmingham for 25 years. He spent three years in a Charismatic Community in the USA and worked in a parish in South Africa for the past 12 years.